With 35 years experience in digital printing technology, and a proven successful track record
of consistently being at the forefront of the large format digital print industry.
Gandy Digital has certainly pioneered the way.


The Plant

The Gandy Digital Pred8tor, Domin8tor and 'Gladi8tor' are designed and manufactured in Canada with software engineering developed in the USA.

40.000 ft2

The Canadian manufacturing plant is located in Mississauga, Ontario which has over 40,000 square feet of production space allowing for full control of all the manufacturing and assembly.


Gandy Digital can guarantee the level of quality of the product to be of the highest standard with full control and access of the plant.

The Canadian facility hosts an exclusive customer demo room allowing customers to evaluate and test the Pred8tor all while using their own files and materials.

Cuttin Edge

Gandy Digital's Canadian plant is brand new and houses state of the art production facilities. Gandy Digital considers themselves to be 'totally digital' therefore making all processes of manufacturing and production transparent and up to date with minimal negative environmental contributions.

They are completely paperless and use a live product feed system supplying information on every stage of manufacturing helping to continuously keep up to date.

As the plant manager says, "We can see exactly how much stock we have in inventory, at what stage each printer is at along the production line, at any time, from any geographical location with internet access or in-house using a secure wireless network. That's one of the benefits of being 'totally' digital."


This is the foundation of Gandy Digital's systematic ways as every department is in touch with the full production process.

After Sales Service

Gandy Digital has an extensive global sales and service department where customer satisfaction is the main driving force.


The technological advancement at Gandy Digital's offices and the Gandy Digital Pred8tor are just the tip of the iceberg into James Gandy's vision of the future in grand format digital printing and manufacturing.

35 yrs

With 35 years of digital printing technology and proven successful track record of consistently being at the forefront of the large format digital print industry, anyone could see how Gandy Digital pioneered the way.

Please take a visit at a show near by you or contact any of the sales representatives and see why the 'Pred8tor', 'Domin8tor, and 'Viper' are the worlds most advanced digital printers.


Gandy Digital at C-Print

Gandy Digital will be present at the C-Print printing convention in Lyon, on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of february.

C-Print has input from specialists in the field at conferences and round tables, meetings and discussions between professionals, technical training, workshops and live technical demonstrations.

See you there !

- Sunday February 1, 2015

Gandy Digital’s new website!

Gandy Digital proudly presents a new website for the new year.

A colourful website, with bright and sharp visuals, much like the images our innovating printers produce.

Check out Printers for more information about our range, the Domin8tor, Pred8tor, Viper, Sl8te and Softjet.

Gandy Digital’s roots go way back to 1978; see History for a colourful list of our milestones.

Check Showdates for a calendar of events that GD will attend in 2015 and Contact for a global list of contact details, sorted per region.

- Sunday February 1, 2015
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